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Audit & Assessment Proceedings

Do you know that preparing of audited statement is mandatory for all companies? 

All companies registered under the companies act must follow the auditing rules. Interestingly, only accountants can do an audit for a registered company. Hence, this is the right time for you to learn about auditing. You can assist a Chartered Accountant if you learn to audit. You can carry it as a profession and earn a lot from it. 

We are here to provide you with complete knowledge of auditing through this course. You will learn how to do audits from the basic level to advance in this course. Our specialist trainers will teach all rules of auditing in a comprehensive manner. Added to that, you can handle live auditing projects in the same course.

Audit & Assessment Proceedings Course Curriculum

The course will provide comprehensive knowledge about auditing and its related activities. It focuses on the key concepts of auditing and their appropriate applications. All the rules of auditing are covered in this premium course. Let’s have a look at what others the course can offer you.  

Topics we cover: 

Our comprehensive Audit and Assessment Proceeding course covers the following aspects;

  • Basic to advance level of auditing with a detailed understanding of all rules.
  • Techniques to handle departmental notices for covering auditing tasks.
  • Learning assessment of all auditing provisions framed under the companies act.
  • Assessing some important case studies related to auditing.
  • Learn all ethical codes and conduct for initiating the auditing process.

Audit & Assessment Proceedings Course Description

Auditing is the most important aspect of accounting and is mandatory for companies. For that, companies hire a permanent post of accountant for doing the auditing tasks. Accountants do regular audits for daily financial transactions. At the end of the financial year, Chartered Accountants verify the audited report. Thereafter, the audited report gets submitted to the government’s portals for verification. 

When you learn auditing then you can prepare the audited reports. You can do regular audits and compile documents. 

You will learn how to initiate the auditing process and prepare the documents. You will know where to submit the audited reports with due laws and procedures.


We make sure that our comprehensive Audit & Assessment Proceedings Course covers these objectives;  

  • To make you aware of the all updated rules of auditing.
  • To guide you on how to compile the audited reports accurate measures.
  • To help you on how you can deal with departmental notices for auditing.
  • To increase your job opportunities as an auditor in an established firm. 

Auditing as a course is recently becoming a trend among commerce graduates. This course offers them a kick to start their career in a different field. The popularity of this course has increased so you should enroll in it now.

Build your career as an auditor: you can become an auditor in any established firm once you know the process. The course will help you in achieving your dream to become an auditor.

Prepare accurate audited files: we will teach you to file accurate audited reports. This you can take as an added bonus for your career.

Increase your job opportunities: once you enroll in this you will explore more opportunities. You can grab the highest-paying auditing jobs from this course.

Audit & Assessment Certification

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