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MCA/ ROC Work (only)

Every business that wants to expand has to register under the companies act. The process of company registration is quite elaborate and complex. Sometimes businesses delegate their registration tasks to some agencies. So you can do these tasks by yourself if you learn this from a course. 

You can start your own agency once you finish the course. The course will teach you about the company registration process. Along with that, you will know the rules and framework set by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. You can grow your career as a business solution provider after completing the course. 

MCA/ ROC Work Course Curriculum

Comprehensive knowledge of the companies act is very essential to initiate the registration. You need to know every detail of the registration process, provided by the MCA. Here this course will help you to get an understanding of the process accurately. 

The syllabus we cover:

  • A complete understanding of the Company registration process
  • Document preparation & compliance for company registration
  • Comprehensive coverage of all Ministry of Corporate Affairs updates
  •  Comprehensive assessment of companies’ act in detail
  • Learn the company act’s regulations in an accurate format

MCA/ ROC Work Course Description

The course will cover the complete company registration process in detail. It will teach you about different methods of registering different companies. You can register any type of company without error after doing this course. 

The course will provide you with details about the updates of MCA. Not only provide you with updates, but the course will also teach you about the update. 

Also, you would learn what documents you have to prepare for registering the business. This will add an advantage to your career as you can start your own venture later on.

Our exclusive MCA/ ROC course has the following objectives; 

  • To provide you with details about the company registration procedure.
  • To provide you with updates about the new MCA policies.
  • To make you aware of the company registration documentation process.
  • To give you complete guidance about the latest registration process.

Our exclusive MCA/ ROC work course will cover dynamic aspects. It is a professional course so you can enroll in it to build your career. Here are some other benefits you must have from this course; 

Build your alternate career: you will know about the company registration process comprehensively. So, you can use this knowledge to build your alternative career. 

Start your business: you can also start your business after learning from this course. Company registration solution providers earn a lot nowadays from their jobs.

 Get the updates: you will get all the updates about the registration from this course. You can use that to increase your knowledge base and start earning from that.

MCA/ ROC Work Certification

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