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Basic Accounting & Taxation with TDS Filing Course

Our fundamental Accounting & Taxation with TDS course is designed to help the students to acquire knowledge about the financial system. Correspondingly, they will learn about tax rules and regulations while compiling the TDS, ITR, and GST files. We provide adequate teaching professionals who can guide them in using the digital software while submitting any accounts or tax files. We understand the market gap and that’s why we are providing the students an opportunity for their career growth.

Basic Accounting & Taxation with TDS Filing Course Curriculum

The course aims to facilitate the understanding of accounting and TDS among the account professionals. The course emphasizes the digital aspects of basic and tax accounting. In this course, you’ll learn the basic concepts of TDS along with GST and ITR file. Apart from that, you will cover the process of multiple Income Tax acts. The TDS and ITR are computed based on different tax rates under the Income Tax act.

Topics we cover:
● Basic Accounting with Tally
● GST filing
● TDS submission
● ITR filing
● Professional Tax Registration
● Trade License Registration, etc.

Basic Accounting & Taxation with TDS Filing Course Description

Basically, the primary objective of the course is to provide the students a proper knowledge of accounting and financial management. In addition, they will learn all the concepts of tax rules and regulations including their submission. They will gain knowledge about TDS, GST, and ITR. TDS rates depend on the tax rules. Thus, TDS rates may differ in different situations. Same thing also applies for GST. This course guides them to compute the taxes.

Throughout this course, they will learn the submission of basic financial files and tax files trough digital software. Later, it will benefit them in career growth. After the completion of this course, we offer them placement assistance.

Learning the filing of TDS, GST, and ITR files along with basic accounting can help the students in their career growth. If they have any query regarding basic accounting and tax accounting, the course will assist them in better understanding.

They will learn the following things after completing this course:
● TDS return on immovable property.
● TDS on income and capital gains.
● GST filing through Tally.
● Preparation of financial statements while understanding the concept of financial
● ITR filing and return.
● TDS registration.
● Trade License registration and enrollment.
● Uses of digital accounting software for accounting, etc.

In this course, the students not only understand the concept of accounting or financial management, but also the tax rules and regulations. An opportunity of getting placed in reputed companies as an account professional is assured by us. They will apply their skills of financial analysis; tax returns and submission, and others in their workplace. Additionally, they will pursue their career in the accounting and taxation sectors.

The course has the following benefits:
1. Better Financial Management: Students will develop a better understanding of the financial system including basic accounting and preparation of financial statements.
2. Independent Income Source: After gaining a certificate, a student can set up his/her own firm and they will start earning independently.
3. Increased Work Efficiency: While studying our course, the students can improve their practical skills. For instance, they will learn the submission of tax files through digital software, like Tally.

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Basic Accounting & Taxation with TDS FIling Course Certification

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